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Moot Court Competition is organized by Victory Attorneys & Consultants, it substantially aims at bringing together law students from various Higher Learning Institutions within Tanzania, to argue for or against various contemporary unsettling legal issues.  

The competition aims at connecting people in the legal arena, stakeholders and individuals in authoritative sectors to deliberate upon the moot court proceedings and make positive viable contributions being possible solutions to a legal problem subject of the moot court competition.

The firm has drawn inspiration from other countries where law firms are exceptionally instrumental in founding, structuring and sponsoring local and international moot court competitions, with the aim of nurturing the industriousness of young minds and providing mentorship to law students. This being an implementation of a long-term plan in the course of engineering a better legal regime.


Moot court is a legal competition which in itself is a technique of imparting legal knowledge and legal skills that necessitates participants (who are mostly law students) to scrutinize/analyze and argue both sides of a hypothetical legal issue using legal authorities and procedures modeled after a particular legal issue, dependent of the jurisdiction under which the legal issue is fashioned.